Preventing Your Emails From Being Flagged As Spam

One thing new email marketers don’t realize is that sending emails which have the possibility of being thought to be spam, even if they’re not, will ruin your email marketing campaigns. Internet service providers, as well as popular email platforms, are on a constant lookout for email spam and will do anything in order to stop it. After all, spam takes up server resources and bandwidth and leads to unhappy customers. Because of this, email platforms and Internet service providers will literally block messages sent by someone they deem to be a spammer.
If you want your customers to receive your newsletter, make sure that you follow these tips to ensure that your emails aren’t mistaken for spam.

Make Sure You Utilize Opt-In

If you aren’t familiar with the terms “opt-in” vs. “opt-out,” “opt-in” email marketing is when you ask visitors to sign-up for your newsletter, and then customers make the decision whether to say “yes” or “no.” “Opt-out” email marketing is where you capture people’s email addresses and then automatically include them in your email list. Now, which type of email marketing would you guess leads to great results? If you guessed “opt-in,” you’re correct! People who willingly subscribe to your newsletter already understand its value and will be more responsive readers. Have you even been forced into an email newsletter subscription? If so, then you know how annoying it is to receive emails that you don’t read, and didn’t even ask for. If you do this to your customers, they will come to view your brand as annoying, and definitely won’t be responsive to your newsletter. In this case, although your list may be bigger, your ROI will be poor as you pay to send emails to subscribers who don’t even want to get them. Plus, when people get an email they don’t like or think is spammy, they will alert their email provider and you will be blacklisted in no time. Long story short: always utilize “opt-in” email marketing.

Blast Relevant Newsletter Updates

Almost as bad as “opt-out” email marketing is promising your readers one thing, and then delivering another. If you tell your customers that your newsletter will have the latest industry news or special discounts, and all you deliver is your company’s latest news, your customers will be annoyed and will unsubscribe. You need to ensure that what you say is in your newsletter actually is there. Moreover, make sure that the first few emails you send are exactly what is promised by using an auto-responder series for new readers. After you have proven your newsletter, you can write and include promotional materials. If you have indeed delivered on your promise, your customers will be happy to convert when you send along the occasional promotion.

Ensure That It’s Easy To Unsubscribe

Here’s an email marketing truth: everyone will eventually unsubscribe. Make it easy on your customers and be sure to include an “un-subscribe” link in your emails, preferable in the footer. Many email marketing companies, as a way to ensure quality, will actually require that you do this in order to maintain compliance with spam laws and best practices. Even if your customer has enjoyed your email newsletter, if there is no easy way to remove themselves from your list, they will simply hit the “spam” button, alerting their email provider that your messages could possibly be spam. Now, obviously your emails are not, but sometimes it’s just easier to hit the “spam” button then to go through the trouble of manually unsubscribing on your website.

Follow these three tips, and you will be way ahead of most email marketers. If you do the above, then you will notice an increase in email deliverability and much happier customers. Remember: happy customers lead to more sales.